Grant Funding Help For DreamBox Math

School budgets are tight, and we want to support you by providing our 2020 Grants Guide for free

There are lots of changes happening, but now more than ever being prepared with DreamBox Learning can help educators and students plan ahead.

DreamBox Learning has created a 2020 Grants Guide to support you in the grant-writing process and provide you with a list of available grants. Here, you will find everything you need to know about how you can fund the important education priorities on your list, such as DreamBox Math, through both federal and corporate grants. This guide includes two parts:

  1. Simple “how-to instructions” for the grant writing process and tips to make your application stand out
  2. A list of over 50 different grants that can fund DreamBox Math (and other education priorities) at your school, sorted by category, along with easy links for a smooth application process

Receive your free 2020 Grants Guide.

  • Dreambox is the only K-8 digital math program shown by multiple independent research studies, including Harvard University, to positively impact student outcomes
  • Kids who use DreamBox for just 60 minutes a week improve their math scores by nearly 60%
  • We are the only digital K-8 math program rated "Strong" by Evidence for ESSA
  • We are awarded Best Math Learning Solution by EdTech (2019)
  • 100% of our Math Lessons are available in Spanish and English

Nick Lundberg, Assistant Principal at Westview Elementary, shares how DreamBox has helped improve his students math proficiency.