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Want to feel good about your choice of EdTech solutions? We don’t blame you!

It can be hard choosing the right digital math pilot program.

That’s where the DreamBox Pilot Program and FREE 2020 EdTech Pilot Success Guide can help. DreamBox is an adaptive, online K-8 math program designed to complement classroom instruction and deliver results. Try DreamBox now and see how it delivers innovative ways to raise student achievement and get your students ready for summer, without turning up the pressure even more on teachers.

DreamBox encompasses proven success and industry credibility:

  • We’re the only K-8 digital math program shown by multiple independent research studies (including Harvard University) to positively impact student outcomes
  • Kids who use DreamBox for just 60 minutes a week improve their math scores by nearly 60%
  • The only comprehensive K-8 digital math program rated "Strong" by Evidence for ESSA
  • We were awarded Best Math Learning Solution 2019 by EdTech

You’ll also receive the 2020 EdTech Pilot Success Guide which can help you determine what success looks like for your school or district.

Use your remaining 2019-2020 funds now to pilot a DreamBox digital math program at a steep discount and download your free guide. You can even extend it to your Summer School program, so you’re informed in time for Fall.


Cathy Comfort, Principal at Westview Elementary, shares how DreamBox helped make her school a top Math performer in her district.